Hats off to you Big Brother

Tomorrow marks the start of your three year journey at Harvard law school. As I reread that sentence, I still stand in amazement. That alone is a great accomplishment. And you have done so much more in your life than I will ever be able to. I thought that when you graduated from high school with a 4.81 (this is a change from previous post, Cody was quick to correct me), that you were a superhero. Then when you graduated from college with a 4.0, I reimagined my superhero definition. And after you called to tell me you got into Harvard, you exceeded any superhero brother expectation I ever had. I will give you credit where credit is due, you are pretty dang smart.

IMG_3265You don’t just have the school thing figured out though. You treat women with incredible respect and because of that, you met an amazing southern girl who quickly stole the hearts of our family. Sarah has brought out a side of you I never thought I would see. When you asked for her hand in marriage,we all screamed (literally) for joy. You guys are a beautiful couple who have honored God in your relationship. I am beyond excited to watch you guys spend the rest of your lives together, and also to have a sister in law!

IMG_3285Above all of that, you are a pretty awesome big brother. You were the first person I called when I was recovering from surgery. Even though you will never let me forget what I said on the phone that night, I completely understand why I called you. You are everything a little sister needs to look up to. You have goals, you’re a hard worker, you respect Mom and Dad, you annoy the crap out of me, you’re pretty funny, and you always prove your intelligence over me. After all of our childhood fights, I am now prepared for the real world in the event that I find myself in a fight. I continued to play soccer because I wanted to be like you. I even played baseball on a boys team to be more like you. I chose number 7 to put on my jersey for 10+ years because that was your number.

I looked up to you as a kid and today, I do the same. Last month was the last time we will ever live under the same roof (unless I can’t figure my life out and I need you to help me out). Still, the sad realization that from now on, we will live hundreds of miles apart hits me hard. I’m not a huge fan of you leaving. You are fun to hangout with. You make a pretty good keeper when I need you to be. I can always count on you to go get ice cream with me. Your intelligent jokes make me laugh (once I figure them out). And I will never forget your incredibly frequent sarcastic comments made toward me. I’m not sure anyone will ever be able to take your place when you leave, but that’s okay because I know wherever we are, that you will always be a phone call away.

IMG_3961So hats off to you, Cody. I wish you the very best of luck at Harvard. Just please for heaven’s sake, don’t become too smart for your own good. I’m gonna miss you big time. You are a cool person who is going to do big things in this world. Love ya long time.

With so much love,
Your favorite little sister

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